David Bordwell and KristinThompson are authors of two of the most widely used film text books in higher education: Film Art and Film History. Both provide copious amounts of important information for the budding film scholar. Of the two works my personal favorite is of course Film History, which spends several chapters outlining the silent era (where most spend only one).

In today’s post I wanted to mention Bordwell and Thompson’s Blog: Observations on Film Art. Not only is it chock full of salient historical information but it also provides insight on current film pieces as well (the most current post is on Inception). Bordwell and Thompson are able to blend the present with past, making connections that only the most seasoned of film historians would notice. So if you want to learn more about film history, or your craving a really well written blog with a focus on everything cinematic then check it out. I promise it won’t disappoint!

Their site can be found at http://www.davidbordwell.net/blog

P.S.: It should probably be mentioned that David Bordwell is a retired professor whom formerly taught at the University of Wisconsin Madison. Kristin Thompson is a full time writer also based at U of Wisconsin.